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In addition to proposing, supplying and developing products together with the factories we represent, we are also dedicated to attending and extending the knowledge of the use of these to make the best use of their characteristics, in this way streamline the work processes of our business partners.

Likewise, we have specific courses, which are designed for different levels of knowledge, allowing our business partners to have all the knowledge about the operation and functioning of their network.


We offer certifications in conjunction with the factories we represent various topics, among them are:

  • Structured cabling
  • PoE Systems
  • Fiber Optics

With these certifications you can count on different guarantee programs such as:

  • PerformaLink
  • PerformaWisw
  • Campus
  • Encompass
  • System Performance


Our audit service, firstly, focuses on evaluating the circumstances in which an entire system is located, the physical part of the network, cleaning and maintenance of communication rooms, communication boxes, cable specification, organization and cleaning, among others.

Analyzing the best practices and references, the maintenance or cleaning of the communication equipment begins, obtaining an inventory of the networks.

After reviewing all this information, we proceed to carry out a quantitative evaluation of various concepts which will give us a final assessment of the situation of the network.

About Us

Maya Communications is a manufacturer representative, leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on improving the quality and reliability of the deployment of communication networks handling only high quality and innovative products, from leading manufacturers in the area of infrastructure and communication technology. Driving technology in the Mayan region makes every connection Smart.


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