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Maya Communications

Cables We have the entire line of cables for different applications in communication, UTP Cat5e, 6 and 6A cables, multipair cables, fiber optic cables, hybrid, for PoE applications, all for indoor, indoor / outdoor, outdoor and extreme applications.

List of Products:

Fiber Optics
Communication cables
Copper cables
Access and fire control cables 

    Maya Communications
    passive equipment

    All products related to structured cabling, everything necessary for the development of internal and external plant infrastructure, according to the size and growth projection of data demand. Elements that are used to interconnect the links of a data or energy network. All under the strictest quality standards.

    List of Products:

    Cabinets and racks (metalworking infrastructure)
    Optical distributors
    Optical products (patchcords, pigtails, splitters, pre-connectorized cables, connectors, adapters)
    Structured cabling.

      Maya Communications

      We have a wide range of specialized articles for technical field work, both for telecommunications and energy, focused on implementation, revision, repair, maintenance and improvements, in order to solve your needs.

      List of Products:

      • Peeling machine
        Measuring equipment
      Maya Communicatons

      We provide all infrastructure solutions to companies that are responsible for providing internet services to network users, ranging from the central offices of ISPs to the last connection point of the end customer.

      List of Products:

      • Fiber optic, copper and hybrid cables
      • Optical cabinets and distributors
      • Splice closures
      • Optical Splitters
      • Installation hardware

      Maya Communications

      We facilitate the acquisition of products that benefit users to obtain the maximum performance of the internet network in an agile, reliable and precise way; through cutting-edge solutions, with guarantee and direct support from manufacturers.

      List of Products:

      • Routers
      • Access Point
      • Switches
      • Wi-Fi systems
      • GPON
      Maya Communications
      Smart PoE Lighting

      The demand of the telecommunications industry leads us to new and better applications, in the quest to optimize performance and energy savings. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology makes it easier for us to implement, control, manage and save energy in buildings that seek to be more sustainable and intelligent every day.

      List of Products:

      • Switch PoE
      • Control platform
      • Luminaires
      • Drivers
      • Cables PowerWise
      Maya Communications

      From a social, economic and industrial point of view, energy is a primary natural resource, which thanks to this allows us to carry out the work of our day to day, that is why we offer solutions in medium and low voltage.

      List of Products:

      • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • Medium voltage equipment
      • Equipment with environmental responsibility (protection of flora and fauna)
      • Installation hardware
      • Tools
      • Disconnection equipment
      • Drivers
      • Transformers
      Maya Communications

      We have uninterruptible power supply (UPS), with the purpose of providing protection to the critical systems and loads of customers, to always keep the operation of your business running.

      Power Quality Equipment:

      • UPS (Off line, interactive, On line)
      • Phase
      • PDUs (simple and manageable)
      • Capacitor banks
      • Harmonic current filters
      • Variable transformers
      • Frequency converters
      Maya Communications

      Our monitoring and access control solutions provide the confidence and security necessary for user peace of mind at the most critical points of your facilities.

      List of Products:

      • Locks
      • Drivers
      • Locks
      • Monitoring equipment
      • Cameras

      About Us

      Maya Communications is a manufacturer representative, leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on improving the quality and reliability of the deployment of communication networks handling only high quality and innovative products, from leading manufacturers in the area of infrastructure and communication technology. Driving technology in the Mayan region makes every connection Smart.


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